The Xarcade team implemented a seamless integration that greatly reduces the development time and therefore eases the burden for game developers to adopt ProximaX Sirius blockchain technology.

To make a game is already difficult enough and the Xarcade platform flattens the learning-curve for blockchain-tokenizing to a bare-minimum. This frees-up precious development time and serves as a good entry-point to blockchain technology for developers should they desire to further explore blockchain application.

Instead of having to learn a whole new coding language such as Solidity for writing smart contracts or even having the unnecessary expense of hiring a Solidity programmer —…

Aligned with our efforts to migrate to ProximaX’s mainnet, a token swap will be conducted for the XAR token.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming token swap:

What is a token swap and why do we need it?

A token swap is a process by which one cryptocurrency is exchanged for another. In this case, we are migrating the current XAR tokens (NIS1) to the ProximaX Sirius blockchain.

In order for you to continue utilizing your tokens on Xarcade, you will need the new XAR tokens.

How do we swap XAR tokens?

ProximaX created an effortless procedure…

ProximaX has announced the release of SDKs in Java, TS/JS, JS, and C#. These SDKs will enable developers to easily build their applications by importing them onto the development platforms they are working on. Please visit the ProximaX blog for more information.

The New Zealand-based blockchain game developer GameFix has now partnered with the ProximaX-powered blockchain distribution platform Xarcade. Xarcade will publish GameFix’s games on the Xarcade Android App. GameFix has now integrated the XAR Boost feature into their flagship mobile title MATCHnem.

Being an object-color-matching puzzler similar to the massive popular Bejeweled and Tetris franchises, MATCHnem will be an ideal choice for XAR Boost integration. Gamers will be able to voice their desired features wishing to be added into the game by sending Xarcade’s token called XAR to GameFix by tapping on the button “Give Boost” in the MATCHnem game page. More levels, different sets of challenges — the prospective possibilities will be enticing as well as being exciting to plan the future development of MATCHnem.

The paid apps feature is now available on the Xarcade Android App. This feature allows game developers to now sell their APK-based games on the Xarcade App for a specified amount of XAR. XAR is the token used on the ProximaX-powered blockchain video game distribution Xarcade platform

The first XAR transaction feature on the Android Xarcade App is now available and the Xarcade platform has soft launched. XAR is the token used on the ProximaX-powered blockchain video game distribution platform called Xarcade. The first game to use XAR is Chase The Brains by the game developer Endles Studio (Ridzwan) and the game also has the XAR Boost feature integrated.

The XAR Boost feature enables game developers to accept XAR sent by supporters who would like to assist in further updates. The supporter who sends XAR to the developer does not receive anything in return.

For a payment…

Xarcade, a cutting-edge blockchain-based gaming platform that seeks to redress the challenges faced by gamers and game publishers is pleased to announce that it has launched the beta Xarcade Android app today.

Some of the challenges that gamers face today include exchange of in-game credits, inter-game transfer of the credits, credit card linking requirements, accessibility to digital wallets and an inequitable revenue sharing with digital wallet providers.

By launching the beta Xarcade Android app, gamers will only be able to play APK-based Android games. Web-based games will be made available within the next couple of weeks. Android game developers can…

At present, gamers and game publishers face many challenges concerning the maintenance of their various in-game balances.

These challenges include the two-way exchange of their in-game credits, the transfer of the credits from one game to another, the requirement for linked credit cards for in-application purchases, accessibility to digital wallets such as through Google or iTunes, and excessive revenue sharing with digital wallet providers. To solve this issue, we are building Xarcade: a NEM blockchain-powered exchange platform for video game in-game credits (the currency in a game), and functions as a “crypto” video game applications store (the Platform and its Services).

The objective of Xarcade is to offer a new method of exchanging and handling in-game credits

XAR at 20% discount

There will be a 20% discount during the term of Xarcade’s DSO which will be explained below.

XAR will be pegged at EUR 1.00, but early buyers during the DSO will have the advantage of purchasing XAR at EUR 0.80.

The DSO will be running for 30 days, starting January 1st to January 31st 2018.

XAR is a “consumptive token,” meaning there is no expectation from Xarcade of a return of profit from its use, and it would be used to purchase something or create the entitlement of a discount on the platform. XAR also has no “common enterprise.”

Xarcade Official

A cost-effective video game distribution platform powered by ProximaX. For more information visit

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